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About G&G Mining Fabrication

This website isn't really about us. It's about you - our customers and prospective customers. That's because G&G Mining Fabrication doesn't just provide off-the-shelf products and services and expect you to make them fit your mining situation. Instead, we listen carefully to your particular needs then design and build the ideal solutions. Customers have come to us with poor performing buckets, water truck and service trucks. Most of what we make is tailor-made to suit specific mine sites, ore loads, vehicles and processes to ensure maximum productivity, minimum downtime and optimum cost efficiency.

We are constantly working with our customers as they present us with challenges they have.

Our team of experts from design, project management, workshop supervisors and external suppliers hold a pre-start meeting before we commence your project so as to ensure we dot all our I's and cross all our T's. Once the work of manufacturing is underway we deliver to you weekly updates as to the progress of your attachment. These reports will include photographs.


As with every aspect of the mining industry, safety is our top priority. That includes the safety of our employees, your staff and any contractors working on your mine site. We employ a safety officer to ensure our safety policies and procedures are subject to constant improvement and that all safety items manufactured for you - such as hand rails, ladders and stairs - are designed and built to meet or exceed Australian Standards. Our safety practices meet ISO 4801 approval. 

Quality Assurance

Another thing we pride ourselves on, and pass on to you, is uncompromised quality. We have a quality control system in place that ensures we produce products that perform to the highest industry standards and hopefully beyond your expectations. This in turn assists you to achieve your goals with confidence. Our QA procedures meet Australian Standard AS/NZS ISO 9001 for design, product development and manufacturing, and Australian Standard AS/NZS ISO 3834-2 4.2 for all welding.

We build 'quality gates' into every contract we undertake to ensure workmanship inspections, quality control procedures and 'on time' delivery scheduling are all carried out automatically with minimal interruption to the manufacturing process.


Everything we do is aimed at improving what you do. Total customer satisfaction is our goal. Whether it's building a brand new face shovel, supplying a mine-specific water cart or refurbishing a giant excavator bucket, G&G Mining Fabrication will do everything in its power - and more - to give you exactly what you need to achieve your results in the most relevant and cost-efficient way.

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