Water Tank Modules

Custom water tank design service

At G&G we have built a huge number of water tank modules to fit most designs of Haulpaks and converted standard road truck chassis into water carts for customers with very specific needs. Capacities vary from 15,000 litres to 160,000 litres and all can be fitted with a range of equipment options including remote controlled water cannon, hydraulic sprays, ground speed spray system, water level gauges, pause timers for various spray patterns, automatic pump shut off and rear cameras, and the list goes on.

Water carts can be manufactured to act as fire-fighting equipment with a variety of cannons, hoses and spray configurations plus foam induction systems. We've even designed and built water tank modules for underground use.

Below are only some examples of water tanks modules G&G Mining Fabrication has produced for customers. All water tank modules have been fully customised to suit the needs of each customer. Please contact us to discuss your individual needs.


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